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Moving Telephone Numbers to a New Provider

Upon concluding your reading of this article, you’ll acquire the knowledge required to initiate a porting application for the transfer of your numbers from your current service provider. Should you require any assistance or have inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated support department.

Initiating a Porting Request: After successfully logging into your customer portal, navigate to the “Order Services” tab and then choose “Number porting” on the left-hand side. Ensure you select the appropriate country and template from the drop-down menus provided. It’s crucial to upload a recent invoice from your current service provider.

Subsequently, you will need to complete the application details section located on the right-hand side of the screen. Ensure that the information you provide aligns with the details on the invoice you’ve uploaded. Thoroughly review the details before submitting, as any errors in your application could potentially lead to rejections or delays in the porting process.

Please be aware that once you’ve submitted your application, it’s imperative to maintain a sufficient balance in your account to cover the selected porting category. Additionally, keep a close eye on the application’s status. When the status transitions from “New” to “Submitted,” it is highly advisable to follow the provided link to configure your numbers before the porting begins.

Monitoring Your Porting Application: Following the submission of your porting application, you’ll have the capability to monitor its progress. You can achieve this by selecting the specific port you wish to view, which will display the associated comments. Our diligent porting department will regularly post updates as the application advances through the various stages in accordance with relevant porting regulatory codes. These updates will be accessible via the comments section.

If you need to relay information or seek updates on the latest status of your application, the comments section serves as the means for communication with our porting department. Whether you wish to request the current status of your application or respond to a request for additional information from the porting team, you can enter your reply and submit it directly through the comments window. This method of communication is highly recommended for all interactions with our porting department.